Hopper Silos

Symaga hopper silos could be used for storage in different industries such as breweries, animal feed, port facilities, flourmills, ethanol, drying, and storage of raw materials for the plastic industry and biofuels.

RAW MATERIAL: Symaga manufactures in galvanized corrugated steel, with a 600 gr/m² coating and ZM310 gr/m², ensuring a double service life more than other suppliers do.

WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: We fully meet the needs of our customers by offering silos from 5m³ to 25,000m³ capacity

CALCULATION OF THE STRUCTURE: Silo calculation is made according to different norm as ANSI – ASAE EP 433 2033, EUROCODE EN-1991-4, or any different required norm.

From certain height and volume, our metal Hopper silos have hot dip galvanized compression ring welded on both sides, which gives the silo a higher quality and faster structural assembly.


30º degrees roof


Composed by trapezoidal sectors. The special geometry of the wave of the roof and longitudinal folds gives high strength and stiffness. Depending on silo diameter, and roof loads, roof can be supplied with our without structure.

Cylindrical body


Made up of bodysheets and stiffeners, manufactured in structural steel S 350 GD Z600 hot dip galvanized.

Compression ring


Is included in hopper silos from certain models. The compression ring is hot dip galvanized, and welded on both sides avoiding filtrations.

Supporting structure


Symaga manufactures the supporting structure in of hot dip galvanized structural steel.



Hopper is made up of structural steel S350 GD – Z600, and can be performed with 45º, 60º, or 66º degrees, depending on the flowing of the stored material.

Wind rings

Are provided in order to resist the wind forces and to prevent deformation of the silo. The quality of the rings is E-220 Z275 MAC (EN 10305-3:2011)

Roof steps


Roof scale with angular rungs facilitating the path between the inspection door and the centre collar.

Roof inspection door

To inspection the content and condition of the grain and treatments.

Access door

Placed in the second ring to access to the interior of the silo. We provide two different sizes: 600x700mm, and 530x700mm.

New door lock system with 3 pressure screws. Foam to improve silo tightness.

Easy to assemble. Pre-installed door to avoiding extra works during erection.


Quality 8.8 and 10.9. Nuts provided are quality 8, and neoprene EPDM washers guarantee sealing. We supply preassembled bolting and hot dip galvanized with (70 – 85 microns), ensuring higher service life more than other suppliers do.

Buttyl rubber compound

Masa butílica

It is supplied in a preformed way to ensure optimal sealing.