Don Quixote Award for the Business Excellence

On Thursday the 29th of June, Symaga received an award for its Business Excellence. The president of the Rotary Club, José Luis Ruis, underlines that « these awards are a way of rewarding those who are involved in the society development, with their contribution and values, just as Rotary does in projects of social character developed by clubs around the world »

Symaga receives this award for its longstanding commitment to quality, innovation, development, and environment. Symaga manufactures silos in a sustainable way, according to the Environmental Management System within the framework of ISO 14001. We have an environmental program that includes, among other actions, waste management, reduction of water consumption, residual waters treatment, and energy efficiency. Since 2020 we have had a photovoltaic solar energy generation plant that doubled its size last year, with the aim of reaching 100% of production with green energy.

Symaga would like to congratulate the Rotary Club of Ciudad Real for the social actions they carry out, by creating a children´s school canteen, a computer room, as well as donating school material, also the recent hospital and school in Benin. Actions in the same line as the Social Responsability of Symaga, where its corporate mission to help feed the world with efficient grain storage, adds to Symaga´s social commitment to regions and groups who can´t feed themselves with dignity. This is the case of Ukraine and Ethiopia in 2022 or La Palma and Afghanistan in 2021.

Congratulations for organizing these awards, especially to the entire Board of Directors. In the words of Ana Garrido « Symaga would not have been possible without its founder, my father, Alfonso Garrido, the craftsman of what this family business is today. This award is dedicated to him, to the entire Symaga team, who works to maintain the continuous and sustainable growth of the company, but also, and in a very special way, to my brother, CEO of Symaga, who is experiencing a difficult personal situation. »

Thank the Rotary Club of Ciudad Real, thank Alfonso Garrido Muñoz and thank the Symaga team.