Interesting external malt cooling process that includes Symaga Silo

Two new silos for a malting plant in Puan, Argentina, were successfully erected recently. Gerardo Sabio from Agronur explains the new cooling system of external malt, a technique have been developed jointly by Agronur and Ambev. This system passes all the capacity of a stove to a silo equipped with a triple-layer protection that achieves product insulation and prevents condensation. It also has a 100% perforated cone, an optional accessory of Symaga’s aeration accessories. These two accessories combined allow the injection of dimensioned air in large capacity in order to lower the temperature of the malt from 70 degrees to room temperature in a few hours, increasing production and releasing the stove for a new malting process.

This project highlights technical and adaptability capacity of Symaga. We thank AmBev for their confidence and we hope to continue working together in future projects.