Year 2023 has set up the ground for success in 2024

Throughout 2023 Symaga has been engaged in 570 new projects which have kept our factory and engineering department very busy in the design and manufacture of 1.450 silos,  a total of 2.6 Million cubic meters of capacity volume, all of which distributed among 65 different countries around the world. We take pride on having contributed to the Silo Manufacturing industry for 39 years now. Over this period we have gained very valuable experience enabling  us to approach each proyect on a highly reliable basis . Al lof it thanks to the efforts of a team of 150 employees.

During 2023 we have achieved outstanding performance figures. Among others, our logistics team hit a new record by loading a total of 100 containers on one single week.

Our commercial team attended 16 international exhibitions, as well as participated with its own stand in the most important industry events such as the Agritechnica Fair, VIV Asia, Kazagro, IOAM MEA

We have received 2 awards, a CECAM Business Award and the Don Quijote Award for Business Excellence, in recognition of the work of the entire company.

Among our currently ongoing R&D projects one of the most remarkable highlights is the recent launch of our new pendular and rotative sensors, both certified for work safety in ATEX zone 20.

Many storage plants have been completed such as Panificadora de Cuenca, Modern Food Storage Facilities Project (MFSP) in Barisal, Legumbres Pedro in Cadiz, Staro Petrovo in Croatia, AS Pampali in Latvia, Syców, Poland, Meunerie Robitaille in Farnham, Canadá, fortunately, it´s difficult to name them all.

The factory has achieved Productivity Standard 4.0, more eco-efficient, with new recycling sites and a new 50% more productive laser that reduces electricity consumption by 75%. The safety of our employees has improved through the implementation of new preventive measures such as the use of ventilated welding screens, which protect operators against breathing in welding gases.  The introduction of our new IT MES-SGA System has brought improved control over all manufacturing operations improving its efficiency.

In order to enhance our team spirit we have participated in one Team Building Session, in the third edition of a Paddle Tournament and in an Open Day for family members who were given the opportunity to go on a factory field trip and enjoy an afternoon with the family. These events are benefitial for the exchange of new knowledge and concerns about our ongoing proyects.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan continues collaborating with the Rotary Club, organizing visits from students of neighbor high schools such as EFA El Gamonal, and supporting activities in our town, Villarta de San Juan: music festivals, athletics races, paddle tournaments, painting competitions, and football teams, among others.

At the end of year we suffered our greatest of losses. Our founder, Alfonso Garrido, passed away. In 2024 we will strive for the ultimate goal of increasing his legacy, SYMAGA.