Official statement. Alfonso Garrido Muñoz’s passing

Through this release, we want to inform you with great sadness about the passing of our president, Mr. Alfonso Garrido Muñoz.

For us, the Garrido family, this is the greatest of losses, since Alfonso, in addition to its founder, was the origin of what Symaga has become today, the engine, the heart of what will always be his company.

His legacy will endure in all of us who have had the honor and pride of working and learning alongside him, benefiting from his experience, leadership, and humility.

We haven’t just lost our boss; we’ve lost a visionary, a tireless entrepreneur, a hard worker, and a great human being, a fighter to the end.

For all these reasons, the best way to honor his work and memory is to continue his labor as he would have wanted. On our part, the entire Symaga Group family can assure you of the reliability and confidence that this company will continue to provide you with the service you’ve been receiving until now, working with even greater responsibility and commitment if possible, to make his legacy even greater and to make him proud of it.

Tomorrow, the factory and the office in Villarta de San Juan and Madrid will remain closed, we apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate the support from all our employees, customers, and suppliers.

The funeral will take place tomorrow, November 10th, at 10:00 a.m. at the Church of San Juan Bautista in Villarta de San Juan.

May our boss and colleague rest in peace. He will live in our memories forever.

Ana, Marta and Alfonso Garrido Parejo