Corporate social responsibility

Thinking in our environment and helping feed the world

Social. Our society.


Collaboration with Associations and Fundations.

The achievement of a more fair and generous society is one of our commitments. In order to support disadvantaged groups we collaborate with different Foundations and NGOs. AFIM,  Red Cross, Manos Unidas, Fundación Coraje, NIPACE, AELIP, Supernenas, Fundación Esperanza and Alegría, Enach Association and Laudes Infantis, Banco de Alimentos España, Plataforma Solidaria in Bolivia, Ukrainian Asociation of Alcazar de San Juan and ADS.


Commitment to sport

In our region sponsorship soccer team, sports Schools and athletics club of Villarta de San Juan and Football fields.

Internationally we collaborate with Panda Raid, Crazy car race in Australia, Water Aid  and Titam Desert.

Universities, Schools and High Schools

Our facilities always have their doors open to visits by school students.

We collaborate with Universities and Technical Institutes like Polytechnic University of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha university, Bipree Research Group and Aleksandras Stulginskis University of Agriculture.

We contribute to the professional development of student with exposure to the activities of a leading exporting company.

Environmental. Our environment.

Sustainable development commitment

Sustainable development commitment. Symaga is aware nature belongs to humankind, and it has to be preserved for next generations.

Certified Environmental Management. In 2018, Symaga Group cements its drive towards the optimization of its resource and waste management thanks to the award of the UNE-EN ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System.

Our environmental programme includes: waste management, downsizing of consumption of water, residual waters treatment and energy efficiency. Steel providers are certified with ISO 14001, meaning the reuse of the 80 – 90% of the material.

-The installation of a photovoltaic solar energy generation plant to power our factory in Villarta de San Juan in 2020, in 2022 we duplicate solar plant capacity and aim to 100% of production with green energy. One more step in the commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment.


Human resources. Our team.

Career advancement.

Symaga Group considers that motivation and good work come together. Professional development through training and internal promotion increases contribution and implication of the team. A large percentage of foremen and team leaders come from internal promotions.

In this  year, the Training Plan has been launched in order to the offer and coordination of courses taught in the Group. More information:

Work environment.

Special care for pleasant atmosphere and oderly: annual meeting, Padel Tournaments and Team Building.

Our working hours, adapted to our customers, and access to flexible working hours that enable conciliation between family life and work, certainly one of the most valued policies by the more than 200 employees of the group.