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Symaga offers a wide range of accessories to meet customer requirements and cover all their grain storage needs.


Roof handrail


Ensuring the transit from roof inlet until the inspection door.

Eave catwalk


Perimetral catwalk around eave, allowing the path around the eave.

Eave handrail


It consists of a perimeter handrail and upper stiffeners support it. This item increases operator safety.

Eave close

Symaga proposes a system consisting of FOAM, making the assembly easier.

Eave skirt


Metallic eave skirt avoiding water and snow entrance, made in galvanized steel.



Galvanized rail on the roof avoiding snow avalanches.

Roof access door

Roof hole allowing the entrance to silo from the roof.

Semiautomatic lid

Allow opening from the ground.


Grain fall speed reducer

This accessory avoid grain damage and breakage with deflector plates, as well grain disaggregation by weight or dust creation, thus minimizing explosion hazard.

Side discharge system

Sistema de descarga lateral

It empties the silo down to 70% of the capacity without energy spending or maintenance. Unloading could be performed to truck, train or conveyor.

Mass discharge silos

It is required for some materials, such as soybean flour or rapeseed. Symaga reinforces the structure ensuring the proper operation.

Inner flat sheets


The inner flat sheets are a smooth lining to improve the flowing of the material and the cleanliness of the silo.

Anchor bolts


We provide standard or metalic, chemical and expansive anchor bolts.

Foundation sealing

Butylic paint and compound sealing the foundation.

Closing angle

Perimetral closing for silo with non-elevated inner slab.

Access door

Installation at the bottom of the silo

Allow the entry of machinery inside the silo

Size: 2,4x3m,

Anchor plate to the floor and reinforcements

Lock system included

Galvanized finishing

Drip edge 

Double Access door

Double door for easier Access into the silo. Place in the first  and second rings. The inner door is divided into 3 sections to avoid grain leak. 

Supplementary structures



Our catwalks are modular, consequently adjustable to each project. Design is made according to UNE EN ISO 14122. Closed catwalk is available.

Columns and supports


We design supports according to the load out conveyor, snow load and the diameter of the silos. Symaga engineers columns and supports according to installation configuration, according to UNE EN ISO 1993 norm.

Redler support

Hot dip galvanized conveyor supports, with adjustable height.

Roof support


Galvanized supports on silo dome for conveyor.

Support structure for delivery silo


Support structure for delivery silo with free total height of 5 metres for truck or train transit.

Platform between silos

Modular and galvanized structure tower designed to bear the total loads caused by elevators or similar machinery.

Maintenance Platform

Modular metallic structures of 700, 900 or 1100mm wide that adapted to the installation to ease the maintenance. Options on standard or tramex floor.

Elevator Tower

Easy-access elevator tower.


Ladder to roof

to get the roof of the silo by climbing up the cylinder wall. With a safety cage and intermediate rest platforms, according to the UNE EN ISO 14222-1/2/3/4:2002.

Ladder to access door

Includes a support platform for handling the door and closing.

Inside ladder

Inside ladder.

Roof stairs

Step-stair from the eave to the centre collar.

Spiral ladder to roof

Distributed spirally around the silo.

Zigzag stairs

We provide this stair in zigzag patterns facilitating the access to the top of the silo, to an elevator tower or to a work tower.

Rest platforms

These platforms are included in each ladder to roof section.

Additional systems

Temperature monitoring system

It allows the control of the temperature over stored material, controlling storing conditions. It is a passive system, which requires no maintenance. The probes can be replaced without emptying the silo, and are supported on two beams avoiding tensions in the roof. The system enables to monitor humidity and dust inside the silo. Our temperature monitoring system is ATEX certified.

Maximun and mínimum level indicators

They may be supplied rotating, capacitive or membrane type.

Venting system

venting system is based on polyamide bolt-nut system in sector joints which gives rise to a venting anti-explosions surface according to EN 14491 2012 norm and anti-explosions ATEX norm.

Weighing cell

Weighing cells system composed by several cells in order to verify the weight of the stored grain in the silo.

Sweep auger

It is used to empty completely the flat bottom silo. Symaga offers industrial sweep augers with ATEX certification.


Complete set of tools for silo mounting.

Aeration system

Aeration channels

Made up of foundation channels that are covered with special galvanized boxes, corrugated and multi-perforated covering between the 25% and the 30% of silo bottom. Channel may have shape of “Y”, “H”, “C” if silo is conical concrete bottom, or “T” if it is a hopper silo.

Fully perforated floor

The fully perforated floor is supported by a floor galvanized steel structure. Perforations are of a diameter of 1 or 1.5 mm, depending on the stored grain. Brackets are made of hot dip galvanized steel, which allows a better airflow and therefore a better ventilation.

Ventilated cone

Elevated cone made of galvanized steel inside the silo. The system avoids contact between the ground and grain, making civil works cheaper.

Aeration roof vent

With circular design preventing the accumulation of water, snow and rubbish and opposes less air resistance. It is easy-assembly, embossed, perfect-sealed with the roof section, and it comes with anti-bird net. It is prepared with a special sealing system for fumigation, and ready for the installation of an exhaust fan coil to avoid condensation.


Avaliable supply air fan, or exhaust fan. IE2 certification, ensuring energy efficiency.

Extractor fans

Helicoidal fan on the roof as part of an aeration roof vent.

Prefabricated gutters

Gutters are installed in silo foundation. This element is manufactured in 3 mm thickness galvanized steel, depending on installation characteristics (size, width and depth of the silo and foundation, and the total volume of the stored grain). “Y”, “H” and “C” types available.

Hopper aeration

Aeration cannel system with drillings, fixed to a Hopper sector and prepared for conexión with the fan.

Grain Chiller

Improve grain preservation, avoiding fumigation. Minimize weight loss. Allows cooling regardless of environmental conditions.

External finishes

Silo protection

The outer lining adds extra protection against corrosion and provides extra insulation. It is available for roof, cylinder and hopper, in different colours (white, green and blue).

Pre-lacquered roof

Roof galvanized steel S280GD+Z225 GS sector are previously pre-lacquered with 25/7 µm polyester. Available in white, green and blue.

Powder painting

Coating with polyester resins. Minimum thickness applied 80 μm each side. Thickness and color RAL on demand. Food use painting in option.